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Thursday Morning Commentary

Stone –> Bread –> Stone What happens when the Holy Spirit leads you into the worst season of your life? How do you respond to the desert you’re in? You can’t pray to get out of it, because you’re praying to the very one who placed you there. It is a notion we often aren’t fond of entertaining, this idea of God leading us into a dry season; but that’s exactly what the Father does to Jesus in Matthew 4. Jesus walked the earth four thousand years after the first Messianic prophecy, and waited an additional thirty to publicly begin […]


Thursday Morning Commentary

We are so excited to launch Thursday Morning Commentary amidst our Elevation community! These pieces will serve to recap, reflect, help us apply, and probe communal discussion about what God is speaking every Wednesday night in Elevation. It’s our hope that as we share, you will share too. Let us know what the Lord does in your heart each week as we journey together! How incredibly different would you live your life if your past was completely erased and there was nothing to go back to? Repeatedly throughout scripture, we encounter lives with less than perfect histories. So, why do […]


This is My Story – Esther Boyer

Battling loneliness, bitterness, isolation, and doubt; transferring to Lee University as a church music major was more difficult than she had anticipated. Leaving her family and Community College behind, she tread unfamiliar ground, searching for new relationships and a new community to plug into. “Lee wasn’t what I expected. I wasn’t prepared for feeling lonely. I thought Lee was going to be amazing, and I got here and I wasn’t able to share what I was going through personally with anyone because I wasn’t in deep relationships with anyone yet. On move-in day, seeing all these other people with their […]


e2e labs

We hope you join us in Cleveland, TN on Monday, November 3 and Tuesday, November 4 for our 3rd annual e2e labs! What are e2e labs? In short, they are Intensive Training Labs that Equip Church Leaders. As leaders in His Church, we MUST keep our ministries focused on empowerment rather than entitlement. God’s desire for His Church is not that one man would stand in a pulpit and call down the power of God. It is not that the local churches would wait on the one man to do the ministry and accomplish the mandate. God’s desire is to […]


2 Principles That Make Better Fathers

The being that most closely resembles God in both form and function is the father in each family. When God created mankind, He wanted one to represent Himself in every family unit. He created families to have a father. As you read this today, may we hear the cries of 24 million children in our nation who are currently growing up in a home without their father. Here are just a few stats from the fatherless epidemic we are experiencing in the states: 43% of US children live without their father 90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless […]