This is My Story – Esther Boyer

Battling loneliness, bitterness, isolation, and doubt; transferring to Lee University as a church music major was more difficult than she had anticipated. Leaving her family and Community College behind, she tread unfamiliar ground, searching for new relationships and a new community to plug into.

“Lee wasn’t what I expected. I wasn’t prepared for feeling lonely. I thought Lee was going to be amazing, and I got here and I wasn’t able to share what I was going through personally with anyone because I wasn’t in deep relationships with anyone yet. On move-in day, seeing all these other people with their fathers really made me miss my dad who had passed away when I was fifteen, and I didn’t think I would miss my family as much as I did”, Esther said.

After a whole semester of having no one to share her afflictions with, Esther attended the last ELEVATION girl’s small group. A stranger to everyone in the room, she trembled with nervousness as the group of women shared their hearts and burdens. With vulnerability, and tears streaming down their faces, they encouraged and prayed for one another individually.

“I kind of just bared my soul in front of everyone and shared what I was going through. Whenever they prayed for me it was just so genuine, even though they didn’t know me very well. It was a community I had never experienced in my life. They weren’t just shallow friendships, they were centered on Christ”, she said.

Strong, new relationships were birthed into Esther’s life that night. Relationships that the Lord would use to heal her, direct her, and deepen her dependency on Him. She began serving within the ELEVATION community, and as she did, the Lord confirmed several visions that He had placed on her heart throughout her life.

Esther felt strongly before coming to Lee that God was calling her to pastoral ministry, but leaders in her life had discouraged it. One day at the beginning of spring semester, the Holy Spirit was really dealing with her heart on the issue, but timidity and uncertainty held her back.

“I went to ELEVATION that night and the message was on stepping out in faith and taking risks…being obedient. That week I went and changed my major”, Esther said.

A few months later she had the opportunity to do missions in Africa with a group from ELEVATION (which was another fulfillment of a word the Lord spoke to her years prior). It was during this trip that God confirmed the gift of teaching on Esther’s life.

Through strong relationships bonded together by the Holy Spirit, and opportunities to operate in her giftings, God had used the community of ELEVATION to not only affect her own life, but the lives of those around her. Now a small group support leader, Esther says she realizes the importance of bearing one another’s burdens and is so thankful for a safe place to express who she really is while growing spiritually.

(Written by Toni Parsons, Esther’s current small group leader in ELEVATION Student Ministries)