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Episode 35

Matthew 28 opens with the interesting story of women who go to the tomb intending to find the body of Jesus Christ, but I am so glad that they didn’t find what they hoped to find! Jesus had indeed risen, and the angel at the tomb gave the women two commands. These commands are still applicable to us today. Today we will look at those two commands. It is my prayer today that you are personally are confronted with the reality of the Living Christ!

Leading Effective Discussions – Pt 2

In our last blog, we began to look at what is necessary to lead effective discussions within church ministries, small groups, etc. Our role as facilitators of discussion is to make sure that the discussion remains Cross-centered and grace-filled helping the whole group move toward hope in the character of God and the promises of God. There are essentially two main steps in leading effective discussions: review and apply. Last time we engaged the review section, and today we want to move on to step two, application. Application is really the critical part and purpose of small group discussion. This […]

Leading Effective Discussions – Pt 1

I’ve been leading small group ministries within different local fellowships for about the past 7 years now, and I must admit: there is nothing more challenging and difficult in the context of the local church than executing true Biblical fellowship among small groups.  Most churches begin small groups three times before they ever “stick.” What makes or breaks small group ministry? One word: leadership. One of the primary roles of a small group leader is to lead an effective discussion. Now one thing that makes doing this a bit easier is when the small group is leading from a common […]