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Pentecostalism – Origins

This blog serves as a teaching outline for Episode 32 here on DMD. In this episode, I discuss the origins of Pentecostalism in the last century. In episode 33, we will discuss the outlook and theology of Pentecostalism. Who precisely are the Pentecostals? Classic Pentecostals (1906 – Present) Basic Storyline:   Some Pentecostal Denominations: Church of God, Cleveland, TN – 1896 Assemblies of God – 1914 Church of God in Christ – reorganized in 1907 Pentecostal Holiness Church – formed from the merger of 2 churches in 1911 and a 3rd in 1915 Church of God of Prophecy – 1923 International […]

A Year Later

It has almost been one full year since Ashley’s moment of complete redemption. To the glory of God, she is still living in the freedom of Christ and sharing her story with those who so desperately need to hear it. You can watch her story by clicking here. Below are some words that she has written just this week as she has reflected on those powerful moments last summer: There is a time in every person’s life in which the foundation of their own self is built. By experiencing moments of turning points in their attitudes and what knowledge they’ve […]