Episode 31

In the Great Commission, Jesus meant more than make converts. While every true believer is a disciple, Jesus meant more than just go and do evangelism. Believers are to be baptized, openly identified with Christ, and taught to obey all that is commanded, that is, to be trained and built into mature, reproducing disciples. Making disciples includes the entire disciple-making process, from conversion to effective disciple maker. Disciple making is therefore at the heart of what Christ expects for His Church. Disciple making introduces people to the Savior, builds them to maturity, and trains them to reproduce and be effective for Christ. That is the work of the church and the commanded work of the pastor. But what is a disciple? This is PART 2 of a two-part teaching around the disciple’s profile. Part 1 (Episode 31) can be view here. Turn with me in your Bible to John 15 and let’s begin.