Monthly Archives: January 2012

Episode 27

Holiness. We are at a loss to even define the term in our modern church. There is perhaps nothing more misunderstood than the significance and doctrine of holiness in the church. However, the greatest need for a believer is to live a holy life. Many in the church today fail to understand that we are called to be a contrast to society. Just as Israel was called out from surrounding countries to be different, so the Church is the called out to be sanctified and useful for the Master. Today, the boundaries between believers and nonbelievers are skewed. In this episode, we […]

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues is not being baptized with the Spirit. Now wait. Notice what I did not say. I did not say that speaking in tongues was not a direct, empirical evidence or the product of being baptized with the Spirit. I do believe that in fact. I have such a concern. How have we reduced one of the most glorious experiences of grace in the Christian life to simply an act of tongue speech (glossolalia)? There was a large breach that occurred between our father’s generation and the generation that I pastor now. On some level, the tenets of […]

Episode 26

What is the Gospel? The Old English word godspel – “God’s good story” – which derives from the Greek word euangelion, a compound composed of the adjective eu, meaning “good”, and angelion, meaning “message” or “news.” After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, stories of and about Jesus – who He was and what He came to do – were written down and organized into books. They were written so that readers and hearers of the Gospels would “know the truth” concerning Jesus (Luke 1:4) and “have life in his name” (John 20:31). But there is a whole lot of confusion today […]

When God Was a Fireman

I encourage you to listen to this incredible song sung by Jesus Culture as you read this blog. It displays my heart in this new year. Click here. When I was in the Philippines this summer, I found out really quickly that although those precious people spoke English, it didn’t sound too much like the English spoken in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Certainly not like the English accent accumulated in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee! We’ve all been frustrated with it, right? Accents are hard to understand sometimes. More than that, I only speak one language. How am I really supposed to make disciples […]