Monthly Archives: July 2011

3 Ways We Distort the Scripture (Part 1)

This coming weekend in our youth ministry, we are holding an event called Spiritual DETONATION in which we end our 21-day fast together. This will be a 24 hour event that focuses on worshiping God as we study the Scriptures and studying the Scriptures as we worship God. It is a very Word-heavy event. For this, I have spent considerable time the last few weeks really exegetically studying passages of Scripture that I will be teaching from this weekend. One of those is 2 Peter 3. And it has totally wrecked me as it relates to my responsibility to uphold […]

Episode 10

This is part one of a two episode teaching on “The Delighted Soul.” You have a God that loves you so much and so desires to spend time with you that He gave His only son to clear the way for you at any time, place, and anywhere to spend time with Him. What are the 4 things that will happen to you if you make the choice to daily spend time with Him where He can bathe you in His love and you bathe Him in your worship? This episode is dear to my heart. My time alone before […]

God: Knowable and Unknowable

Discipleship is to build someone for someone else. Christ built His disciples that they might build in others the life of Christ. You need others and are needed by others. Our lives are connected as disciples in His one body. But we can only be built up in Him. This is discipleship. To be built up in Him requires that we know Him. Mankind has always wanted to know God. Can we really know Him? For one thing, God is very different from us – He is infinite, eternal, and self-sustaining. He is life itself. We are finite, temporal, and […]

What is the Helmet of Salvation?

What does it mean to take up the helmet of salvation? All of this month in our church, we are studying spiritual warfare and principles for engagement in battle. We as the church exist to be a troop carrier and not a luxury liner. We are called to train people for battle. And there is one idea that must be settled in our hearts from the beginning: Victory in spiritual warfare is grounded in a HOLISTIC understanding of salvation. Not only have we been saved, but we are being saved, and one day we will be saved. Let’s explore this. […]

Episode 9

Episode 9 – D3 Network Teaching #4 This teaching is the fourth teaching (The Word of Righteousness) from the D3 Network. You can watch the first, second, and third teachings from this network by watching episodes 3, 5, & 7 respectively. Righteousness is being in right standing with God. Righteousness allows you to be fully accepted, approved, and loved by God the Father so that when you approach His throne you do so free from fear, condemnation, and guilt. Today’s teaching explores how righteousness was offered by PROMISE and GRACE and received by us through FAITH! We ought to rejoice! […]