When God Works Behind The Scenes

Regardless of what’s going on in my life or your life, this is something we desperately need to remember…GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES.

Let me explain.

This past Sunday, May 29, I had the great privilege of preaching to our congregation here at North Cleveland Church of God as our senior pastor was out of town for the week. Our monthly series for May was “Experiencing the Presence of God.” The Lord clearly laid it on my heart to preach on Experiencing God in Crisis. Our high school leaders agreed with me all week long in prayer that God would allow His Word to captivate people and seize their attention as their faith levels in Christ were elevated. We prayed Jesus Christ would truly be the hero of the sermon and the worship experience! At the end of the message, 12 people came forward broken of sin and passed from death to life! Praise God for that. If you did not get a chance to hear that sermon, you can watch it here.

But an email I received on Tuesday afternoon sent me to my knees thanking God for His divine providential intervention in our lives. Are any of us smart enough to muster up a testimony like this?

Pastor Craig,

I want to let you know that I was driving from Georgia to IL on Sunday morning.  I was leaving my husband.  I was at my wits end in my marriage and life.  I was going to find respite at my mother’s home in IL.  I was in crisis.

I stopped at the S. Pittsburg exit off of I-24W and I parked the car.  I hit seek on the FM dial and your sermon came on.  Literally, the first words that I heard was something about… are you in Crisis?.  I believe that God was trying to reach me that morning.  I listened to your whole hour sermon on Experiencing God in Crisis.  After that sermon, I decided to go home.  Back to my broken family.  You see, my husband lost his job in Jan 2009 days before my third baby was born.  A month later, my second child got sick and in Dec 09, she passed away.  My husband is still out of a job because he’s broken and depressed and can’t get up the courage to look for a job.  I am having a hard time with this because I have a differing personality than he does.  I have to do something, I can’t just sit still.  Basically, I am at my wits end with him not being able to stand up and provide for us.  I don’t know what to do.  I came home and thought that if I listen to what God spoke through you, then I should be still.  I should help Jeff the best I can so that God can help me.

I’m writing to tell you that you have inspired me to continue the fight. I will stay and try to help my husband fight through his battle.  Thank you for what you are doing.  It is touching people’s lives everywhere!


(will keep name anonymous for sake of privacy)

Lesson learned. Work as if everything is up to me, and pray as if everything is up to God. Praying is not passive; it is active. Prayer sends out the Holy Spirit to perform miracles. Miracles like God seizing people’s cars off of the interstate to hit scan on their dial and tune into hear a right now word from the Lord. This great quote from Francis Schaeffer sums it up best:

“Let us not think that waiting on the Lord will mean getting less done. Who can do the most, you or the God of heaven and earth? Is not the central problem of our generation that the world looks upon the church and sees it trying to do the Lord’s work in the flesh?”

Can’t wait to see what God does through this family in the coming months. After all, He is still working behind the scenes.