A Diehard Commitment

Satan hates the call of God on your life.

What is it that really ignites a demonic attack on your life, your dream, your vision, your ministry, or your family? What makes the devil so upset that he raises up to resist you and your service? If God really chose you, then why are you experiencing so much difficulty on the way to fulfilling His call on your life?

In 2 Timothy 1:11-12 Paul gives us incredible insight into what ignites a demonic attack. “”Where unto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. For the which cause I also suffer these things…”…” Paul writes about his specific calling in the Body of Christ, a preacher, apostle, and teacher to the Gentiles. Then notice that he immediately follows it by saying, “”For the which cause I also suffer these things…”…”

The word “suffer” in the Greek is the word pascho, “to suffer as a result of outside forces or outside circumstances.” It could include physical suffering due to persecution; mental suffering due to outside pressures; or financial suffering due to monetary hardships. When Paul wrote this verse he was in Rome sitting in a prison cell awaiting his own execution. Because Satan couldn’’t find a way to personally destroy Paul, the enemy was manipulating outside forces against Paul and his ministry.

Satan was terrified of Paul’’s calling! The reason the apostle was attacked recurrently is that the devil was fearful of the enormous progress Paul would make if he didn’’t face opposition. Paul let us know that his ANOINTING, his CALLING, and his POTENTIAL were the factors that ignited these demonic attacks. In essence Paul was saying, “”Do you want to know why I’’ve suffered so many crazy things during the course of my ministry? Because I am appointed a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.””

You see, Satan was scared stiff of what would happen if Paul operated 100% in his call. The same is true for you. How much would you be able to accomplish if you had no resistance? The thought of how God wants to use you is so chilling to the devil that he will throw every possible obstacle in your path to slow you down, discredit you, destroy your friendships, and get you to give up. Satan hates the call of God on your life.

The only way you will not be defeated by these attacks is if you make the decision to not stop or give up until you have apprehended that for which Christ Jesus apprehended you for (Philippians 3:12). If you want to overcome all the attacks of the enemy through outside forces, you will have to be determined to outlast every attack! Determination is the main factor in finishing your race of faith.

If you make the decision to stay in the fight and slug it out with the power of God on your side, you can do exactly what God called you to do. But you MUST begin with a rock-solid, hard-core decision to do it, do it, and keep doing it until it’’s done.

Satan can’’t make you quit. That choice lies in your hands alone. God’’s power is ready to work in people who have resolve. It will work in you today if you decide to never turn back until the assignment is finished!